5 Ways to Add Glam to Any Outfit

We all crave a dash of glamor, but the hectic rhythms of contemporary life scarcely afford us enough time to manage work, familial duties, and all other tasks we're committed to. Time is always running short. Nonetheless, you can employ several simple strategies to uplift any attire to a level worthy of a runway showcase.

Incorporate Hair Extensions to Instantly Boost Length and Volume

It can be challenging to squeeze in weekly salon visits or even manage regular home hair wash and blow-dry sessions. However, an effortless way to enhance your hair's look is through hair extensions. Whether your hair is styled up or left loose, extensions seamlessly blend and are entirely unnoticeable.

Various extensions are available, but opting for those that offer durability while not interfering with your usual hair care routine is best. Hair extensions offer an immediate boost in length and volume and can also give your hair highlights and lowlights without the need for dyeing your natural hair.

Add Heels

An effortless fashion hack involves simply replacing your boots or sandals with a pair of heels. Heels have consistently exuded an air of glamor and are the go-to footwear when you're aiming for a more sophisticated look.

You don't necessarily need to invest in the priciest pair of heels available, but owning a few pairs from Dihsan gives you the flexibility to elevate a laid-back ensemble to a more formal one just by switching your footwear.

Adorning Jewellery is Essential

Enhancing the glam factor of any outfit can be effortlessly achieved with the right jewelry. A summer ensemble bereft of at least a minimal touch of gemstone glitz or metallic gleam might not exude or feel as luxurious as it has the potential to.

As you select the perfect glamorous jewelry for summer, prioritize pieces that resonate with your style and comfort. It's advisable to sport your jewelry where it's most visible, so that it doesn't get concealed; for instance, stud earrings might get obscured by a large summer hat.

If the sweltering summer heat makes you prefer keeping your skin bare, there are alternative ways to incorporate jewelry, such as glittering belts to accentuate your waist, or perhaps an anklet in place of a necklace if that feels more comfortable for you.

Inject Some Excitement into Your Style

If you're aiming for a more glamorous look, it's advisable to avoid donning too many colors at once. This can result in your ensemble appearing overly busy and occasionally inexpensive. A simple strategy to achieve an elegant appearance is incorporating neutral shades into your outfit. Dressing in all-white or black exudes a sense of sophistication, class, and cleanliness, given the timeless and stylish nature of these colors. You could opt for a black or white dress based on what you prefer, or match your black jeans with a corresponding shirt, shoes, and handbag.

Allocate Time for Makeup

Applying your makeup in the morning can offer a soothing start to your day, provided you're not racing against time. Carve out enough time in your routine to leisurely apply your makeup, preventing any frantic start to your day.

Experiment with new techniques for applying eye shadow or blending your foundation. This will elevate your daily look with a touch of Hollywood glamor and provide a calming effect and contribute to a more efficient day as you wouldn't begin it in a frenzy around your bathroom.


It's almost impossible to maintain a glamorous look all the time. There's no need to stress about looking impeccable every moment of the day. Adding a touch of glamor to your casual outfits can be an enjoyable experience, so give these suggestions a try.

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