About Us

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Who We Are

We are a black owned enterprise with the mission of informing the misinformed of the beauty of being black.

Why We Do This

At My Black Clothing, we first hand understand the struggles and the negative portrayals that African-American's and people of color face among classmates, co-workers, strangers, and of course the media. We believe that people of color have a lot to offer the world and we want the world to hear us and recognize us as the incredible people we are.

What We Stand For

My Black Clothing stands for the kid that is bullied in school because of the color of his/her skin. My Black Clothing stands for the educated qualified black woman who did not get a call from a job application because of her unique last name. My Black Clothing stands for the innocent who have been harassed unnecessarily by police and other authorities.

Simply put, My Black Clothing stands for black people.

What We Do

We celebrate black culture, education, and icons with the hope of uplifting each and every one of you.

How We Do It

Our products are made with a reminder of who were are and where we came from. Each shirt, sweater, hoodie and medallion is beautifully designed with an empowering message and a culturally inspired African design.