Every Black Grammy Awards Host since 1959

every black grammy wards host since 1959

The Grammy Awards has been a platform for recognizing outstanding talent and celebrating musical achievements for over six decades. This blog embarks on a remarkable journey that pays homage to the extraordinary contributions of Black Grammy hosts, who have graced the Grammy stage.

These trailblazers have not only guided audiences through unforgettable evenings but they have also played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of diversity and inclusivity within the music industry. Through their captivating performances as hosts, these individuals have provided a platform for underrepresented voices, championing the rich tapestry of musical genres and artists from around the world. By celebrating their achievements, this blog hopes to honor their contributions and inspire future generations of hosts, musicians, and music lovers to continue championing diversity and inclusion within the Grammy Awards and the broader music community.

Here is every Black Grammy Awards host since 1959.

Whoopi Goldberg (1992):

whoopi goldberg black grammy awards host

Whoopi Goldberg made history as the first African American woman to host the Grammy Awards in 1992. She is known for her hilarious comedic energy and stage presence. Whoopi Goldberg brought an unwavering charm to the 34th annual Grammy Awards in 1992 which captivated eyes across the United States. The 34th Grammys was a night to remember, thanks to Whoopi Goldberg.

Queen Latifah (2005):

queen latifah black grammy awards host

For the 47th awards ceremonies, the Grammy choose the Queen herself, Queen Latifah, to host the 2005 Grammy Awards. The ceremony was hosting live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Queen Latifah brought her unparalleled charisma, flavor, and elegance to the award show like no other.

LL Cool J (2012 – 2016):

ll cool j black grammy awards host

Legendary rapper and actor, LL Cool J graced the next 6 Grammy Awards as host after Queen Latifah. As a pioneer in the music industry, and natural ability to rock the mic, LL Cool J proved to be a favourite for the Grammys. His smooth delivery and charm, made the event memorable and engaging.

Alicia Keys (2019 – 2020):

alicia keys black grammy awards host

Alicia Keys, a gifted musician and songwriter, assumed the role of host for the Grammy Awards in 2019 and returned in 2020. Known for her soulful voice and empowering lyrics, Keys brought her immense talent, warmth, and authenticity to the stage. Her innate ability to connect with artists on a personal level and her dedication to promoting inclusivity and unity within the music industry made her hosting stints truly memorable, leaving a lasting impact on both performers and viewers alike.

Trevor Noah (2021 – 2023):

trevor noah black grammy awards host

Trevor Noah made his debut as Grammy Awards host in 2021 after the Grammy was postponed due to the pandemic. Since then, he received the opportunity to also host for 2022 and will be hosting the 2023 Grammys as well. The South African native grew to popularity after taking Jon Stewart's place on The Daily Show. He also earned a Grammy nominee for best Comedy Album back in 2019. With his sharp wit, and comedic humor, Noah brought a fresh and unique perspective to the ceremonies. He has the ability to seamlessly blend entertainment and social commentary which allows him to spark important conversations while celebrating the power of music. Noah’s routine of hosting The Daily Show, make him the perfect candidate for many more Grammys to come.

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