30+ Halloween Costume Ideas for Black Men & Black Women

halloween costume for black men or black women

Halloween is fast approaching! Now look inside your closet (if it’s still there) for last year's Halloween costume. Is it the same old spiderman, superman, schoolgirl, vampire, Dracula costume? If it is, I can totally relate.

As an African American, Halloween was always the same! Every year my parents would buy me the same standard superman or batman superhero costume just to fit in with the other kids. But as I grew up, and was more aware of myself in terms of black culture, and excellence, I started to wonder…where are all the black character costume ideas for Halloween?

The year the Black Panther movie made its way into theater was the day African American witnessed a superhero they could truly relate to and cherish as one of their own. It was not just about the superhero, it was about what it represented – black culture, excellence, empowerment, wealth, tradition, and ownership. That same year was also the year millions of African American children traded in their novel Halloween Super Man and Batman masks for a Black Panther mask.

Our celebration of black superheroes does not have to end there. Africa Americans have made great contributions to many areas of life and that should be celebrated proudly.

Here are some amazing, fun and scary halloween costume ideas for black men and women that you should try this Halloween:

1) Black Movie Characters Costume Ideas

Lakeith Stanfield - Cassius Green Halloween Costume from Sorry to Bother You

sorry to bother you halloween costume for black men

Cassius Green is a telemarketer who discovers a talent he had all along to help him propel to material glory. As a sales person, Green’s main costume in the movie is a suit, complete with a shirt and a tie.

On the movie poster you will notice Cassius also has a white bloodstained band around his need to complete the look. This is from the time he was beat up during a protest scene in the movie. The look itself is rough to show the stress he suffered during the fight.

Items Needed for Cassius Green Halloween Costume from Sorry to Bother You costume

  • A white red stained headband
  • Purple stripe suit
  • White headband
  • Red food coloring
  • White t shirt
  • white long sleeve shirt
  • Pinky ring
  • Red tie
  • High twisted hair

John David Washington - Ron Stallwood Halloween Costume from BlacKkKlansman

 halloween costume for black men

His main costume is the big afro, oversize leathercoat, light blue jeans and a cop badge to finish off the look.

Items Needed for Ron Stallwood halloween costume

  • A big afro
  • Turtle neck sweater
  • Light blue jeans
  • Long dark brown leather jacket
  • Retro 70s disco shirt

Spike Lee - Mookie Halloween Costume from Do the Right Thing

halloween costumes for african americans. do the right thing mookie costume

Mookie from Do the Right Thing was a pizza delivery man in Brooklyn, NewYork. He got caught up in racial tension when Buggin’ Out (Giancarlo Esposito), becomes upset when he sees that the pizzeria's Wall of Fame exhibits only Italian actors.

The most iconic costume for Mookie is Brooklyn dodgers jersey, the African leather medallion, and pizza boxes.

Items Needed for Mookie halloween costume

  • Brooklyn Dodgers baseball jersey
  • African medallion leather necklace
  • White blue box pizza boxes
  • Red shorts
  • Black and red socks
  • White rough and dirty sneakers

Chris Tucker - Smokey Halloween Costume from Friday

friday chris tucker halloween costume for black men

Friday is a comedy drama about two friends, Smokey and Craig. Craig loses his job and on Friday, and Smokey convinces Craig to start smoking weed. The two get involved in other adventures in the movie.

Smokey’s most iconic costume is simple, just a blue hat, blue shirt, and tan chaki pants.

Items Needed for Smokey Halloween Costume

  • Blue baseball cap
  • Blue t shirt
  • Chaki pants
  • Gold rope chain
  • A mimic blunt behind the ear
  • A pair of black chucks

Lupita Nyong’o - Adelaide Wilson / Red Halloween Costume from US

red us halloween costume for black girls

 Red plays Adelaide double ganger in the horry movie US. This is a great scary costume for Halloween. It is simple and screams scary at the same time.

Items Needed for Red halloween costume

  • Red overalls
  • Big gold scissors
  • leather gloves

Uzo Aduba as Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren Halloween Costume from Orange is the New Black

crazy eyes halloween costume for black women

Orange is the New Black is a comedy-drama Netflix series which takes place in a women's prison. Crazy Eyes is portrayed as intelligent, but lacking in social skills, and prone to spiral into emotional outbursts when agitated, as well as hallucinations and delusions, due to mental illness.

Her costume is that of an inmate. Longsleeve sweater, and a v-neck shirt on top.

Items Needed for Crazy Eyes Halloween Costume from Orange is the New Black costume

  • Gray sweater
  • Tan V neck sweater
  • Tan pajama pants
  • Bantu knots

Denzel Washington - Alonzo Harris Halloween Costume from Training Day

 halloween costume for black men

 Denzel Washington play Alonzo, a bad cop who is in depth with the Russian mafia due to a conflict he had with a member of the Rissian mafia. In order to pay the debt, he must work illegally work obtain a large sum of money. In the process, he works with a partner who finds out what is going on and tries to stop Alonzo.

Alonzo's character is hardcore, and manipulative and his outfit fits that. He wears all black throughout the movie as a representation of this.

Items Needed for Alonzo Halloween Costume from Training Day

  • Black cargo pants
  • Black leather jacket
  • 2 cross pendant necklaces
  • Black button up long sleeve shirt

Wesley Snipes - Blade Halloween Costume from Bade

blade halloween costume for black men

 Blade is a half-mortal, out to avenge his mother's death and rid the world of vampires. The modern-day technologically advanced vampires he is going after are in search of his special blood type needed to summon an evil god who plays a key role in their plan to execute the human race.

Blade's costume portrays his character as well - dark, and ruthless.

Items Needed for Blade Halloween Costume from Blade

  • Dark Sunglasses
  • Black leather gloves
  • Black leather pants
  • Black long leather coat
  • Deep fade haircut
  • Bullet proof vest

Giancarlo Esposito - Bugging Out Halloween Costume from Do The Right Thing 

buggin out halloween costume for black men

Buggin' Out is one of my favourite characters in the movie Do the Right Thing! He is loud and outspoken and if you are the same, this is the best costume for you. In the movie Do the Right Thing, Buggin' Out plays Mookie's friend who is unhappy with his local pizza restaurant rejection to have any pictures of black figures on his wall. Buggin' Out then decides to Boycott the pizza joint in protest of the refused demand.
The costume for Buggin' Out is a very classic 90s look and is well suited for a 90s costume party. Kente print is incorporated into the outfit and finished with the african leather medallion and Jordans.

Items Needed for Cassius Green Halloween Costume from Sorry to Bother You costume

  • Round reading glasses
  • African medallion necklaces
  • White socks
  • Yellow stripped t shirt
  • Air Jordan 4
  • Kente Shorts

Bill Nunn as Radio Raheem Halloween Costume from Do The Right Thing

radio raheem halloween costume for black men

Radio Raheem is another character from Do the Right Thing who plays a hip hop enthusiast. In the movie, he teams up with Buggin' Out in attempt to convince Sal (the pizza owner) to put African American figures on his pizza business' wall.

Radio Raheem is well known for the ghetto blaster he walks around with in his neighbourhood and the infamous bedstuy t shirt. This outfit is well suited for a 90s costume party.

Items Needed for Radio Raheem Halloween Costume from Do the Right Thing

  • Bedstuy T shirt
  • Ghetto Blaster
  • Love Hate knuckle brass rings
  • High top fade
  • African medallion necklaces
  • Camouflage shorts
  • Red socks
  • White Air Jordan 6

Michael B Jordan as Killmonger Halloween Costume from Black Panther

killmonger halloween costume black men

Remember the phrase "Hi Auntie"? Killmonger is the cousin of T'Challa (Black Panther). In the Black Panther movie, he plays  the role of an African American seeking revenge for his father (killed by his our brother).

Killmonger's movie costume is quite complex but worth looking into! In the movie we see Killmonger in 2 main costumes; his costume on the throne and his black panther costume. His throne costume looks best for a person who is muscular in build. Otherwise you can try his black panther costume which can be purchased at most costume shops.

Items Needed for Killmonger Costume from Black Panther

  • Oversize wool cardigan
  • Gold wakanda necklace
  • Dark slim fitted cargo pants
  • short dreads with a fade
  • Large beaded black bracelet

Winston Duke - M’Baku Halloween Costume from Black Panther

m'baku halloween costume black men 

In Black Panther, M'Baku is the leader of the Jabari tribe. He first appears in the movie during T'Challa's coronation ceremony. He wore gorilla fur, and condemned the king-to-be for failing to protect his father.

To pull of M'Baku's look requires careful planning as the items you will need for this costume may be hard to find.

Items Needed for M'Baku Halloween Costume

  • Leather customized sleeveless top
  • Fur hoodie
  • Fur wrist guards
  • Deep high top haircut

Eddie Murphy - Prince Akeem Costume from Coming to America

prince akeem coming to american halloween costume for black men

Coming to America is about the story of an African prince who travels to America to meet his princess. Prince Akeem (played by Eddie Murphy) finds himself in Queens, NewYork in search for his bride while concealing his identify as a prince.

Prince Akeem plays multiple characters in the movie, each with different costumes. He plays himself as the prince, and a cashier at the restaurant - McDowells. Here we describe his costume as a prince when he comes to America.

In the movie, Prince Akeem is shown wearing a suit, glazed with a golden necklace and animal fur. This look was worn by Jay Z for halloween back in 2015.

Items Needed for Prince Akeem Halloween Costume from Coming to America

  • Black tuxedo and black pants
  • White shirt
  • Animal fur
  • A kings crown
  • Oversize gold chain
  • A fake mustache

Jamie Foxx - Django Costume from Django

black men costumes

 In the movie Django, Django plays a freed slave on a mission to save his wife. He pairs with a French bounty hunter in order to free his wife from a slave owner.

Django's look is very stylish even as a cowboy. He is dressed for winter and most of the attire is corduroy, complete with a belted leather gun holster, a hat and scarf.

Items Needed for Django Costume from Django

  • Cowboy hat
  • Forest Green corduroy jacket
  • Black button shirt
  • Brown scarf
  • Belted leather gun holster
  • Fake or toy gun
  • A single black leather glove
  • Tan Corduroy pants

2) Black Anime Characters Costume Idea

Afro Samurai Halloween Costume from Afro Samurai

afro samurai halloween costume for black men

Afro Samuari is about samurai (Afro Samurai), seeking vegence for this father's death. Afro Samurai's outfit consists of the number two headband, a white Japanese folding shirt, dark brown baggy pants with heavily frayed hems by the ankles, a pair of Japanese clog or wooden sandals.

Items Needed for Afro Samurai Costume from Afro Samurai

  • Fake samurai sword
  • White cloth headband
  • An afro
  • Tae Kwon Do robe
  • An oversized bracelet
  • Black parachute pants or oversized yoga pants
  • Japanese clog or wooden sandals

Canary Costume from Hunter X Hunter

canary hunter x hunter halloween costume for black girls

Canary is one of the most popular black characters in Anime. She plays anis an apprentice butler of the Zoldyck Family. She is an expert fighter responsible for guarding the Zoldyck estate with he rod that she carries with her.
Her costume suits her role. Serving a rich family, the costume of choice is very tailored blazer and very unique hair do.

Items Needed for Canary Costume from Hunter X Hunter

  • Ladies slim fitted navy blue tuxedo
  • white blouse
  • Ribbon tie
  • Oversized bantu knots for black hair
  • A staff with a gold ball on top

Yoruichi Costume from Bleach

Yoruichi halloween costume for black girls

 Yoruichi is a supporting protagonist in the Bleach series. 

Items Needed for Yoruichi Costume from Bleach

  • Purple wig
  • Costumized orange robe
  • Off-white cloth for belt and wrist
  • Off-white cloth for scarf
  • Back tights

Carole Stanley Costume from Carole & Tuesday

Carole Stanley anime halloween costume for black girls

Carole Stanley is about an orphaned girl (Carole Stanley) trying to make a living in Alba City by working part-time jobs, while pursuing her dream of becoming a musician.

Here outfit is very casual and includes a tube top, pink overalls, and mid rise brown timberland boots.

Items Needed for Carole Stanley Costume from Carole Stanley

  • Pink overalls
  • Timberland boots or mid rise boots
  • white tube top
  • black leggings

Michiko Malandro Costume from Michiko & Hatchin

Michiko Malandro anime halloween costume ideas

Michiko Malandro is the main character of Michiko to Hatchin series, who is of Pardo Brazilian descent.

Items Needed for Michiko Malandro Costume from Michiko & Hatchin

  • A red jacket
  • White booty shorts or white short shorts
  • Black bra
  • Hoop earrings
  • Oversized bracelets
  • Oversized chain with cassette pendent
  • Long brown boots

Bob Makihara Costume from Tenjou Tenge

 Bob Makihara anime halloween costume for black men

Bob Makihara is a character in the manga and anime series Tenjou Tenge. He is a member of the Juken club, and the knuckle bombs.

His costume is very simple and one that any guy go with as a last minute halloween costume.

Items Needed for Bob Makihara Costume from Tenjou Tenge

  • Cowboy hat
  • Forest Green corduroy jacket
  • Black button shirt
  • White bandana or head band

Brock Costume from Pokemon

brock pokemon halloween costume ideas

Brock plays 1 of 3 main Pokemon characters. He is an aspiring pokemon doctor and travelling partner of Ash (the main Pokemon character).

Brock has a few variations of his outfit but the most common is the orange shirt and green vest.

Items Needed for Brock Costume from Pokemon

  • Orange t shirt
  • Green utility vest
  • Utility belt
  • Brown pants
  • Blue sneakers



3) Black Cartoon Characters Costume Ideas

Vince Recess halloween costume

vince from recess halloween costume

Vince is one of the main characters in Recess. He the athletic black kid from the group of 6.

To show this athlethism, Vince is dressed like an athlete and typically walks around with a basketball.

Items Needed for Vince Recess Costume

  • Green jersey with the number 1
  • Black and white chuck taylor sneakers
  • Orange basketball
  • Gray cargo shorts
  • Yellow wrist bands
  • Gray t shirt

Penny from Proud Family Halloween Costume

penny proud halloween costume for black girls

Penny is the main character  from the tv show Proud Family. In the show, she embarks on different adventures along with ther best friend Dejanay and LaCienega.

Items Needed for Penny from Proud Family Costume

  • Colored blouse
  • Pink Cardigan
  • Dark pink skirt
  • Pink shoes to match the skirt
  • white socks

Kwame from Captain Planet Costume

halloween costume for black men

 Kwame from Captain Planet pocesses the power of Earth. He is a young, handsome and fit African American in the hit tv show, Captain Planet.

Items Needed for Kwame Captain Planet Costume

  • Red t shirt with a picture of earth on it
  • Green vest
  • Gold bracelets
  • Gold choke necklace
  • Green shorts
  • Blue sneakers

Gerald Halloween Costume from Hey Arnold

 gerald halloween costume black men

Gerald is Hey Arnold's best friend in the TV show, Hey Arnold. Gerald is featured as an athletic African American in the TV Show.

Gerald's costume is simple to put together for any halloween party.

Items Needed for Gerald Hey Arnold Costume

  • High top fade
  • Red sweater with the number 33
  • Blue jeans
  • White undershirt
  • Red shoes or chucks

Dijonay Jones Costume from Proud Family

dijonay halloween costume
Dijonay Jones is Penny's best friend from Proud Family.

Items Needed for Dijonay Costume from Proud Family

  • Pink blouse
  • Baby blue cardigan
  • Blue skirt
  • Blue shoes
  • Blue sneakers
  • Pink socks

Fat Albert from Fat Albert Halloween Costume

Fat Albert is about a group of urban black kids who a taught valuable life lessons while hanging out in their Philadephia neighborhood. Members of the group include Fat Albert, Mushmouth, Dumb Donald and Weird Harold.

Items Needed for Fat Albert Halloween Costume

  • White collared undershirt
  • Red sweater
  • Blue jeans
  • White sneakers
  • Black belt

Abigail Lincoln aka Number 5 Costume from Code Next Door

Abigail Lincoln aka Number 5 halloween costume for black girls

Abigail Lincoln, also known as Number 5, is the 5 member of the group Codename: Kids Next Door. She is an intelligent, laid back African American of the group.

Items Needed for Abigail Lincoln from Code Next Door

  • Blue Dress
  • White Sneakers
  • Red purple hate
  • Gold hoop earrings

Carver the Weekenders Costume

carver the weekenders halloween costume

Carver 1 of 4 members of the popular hit show, the Weekenders. He is the self-proclaimed "cool guy" of the group. He is an African American and has a strong interest in clothes and fashion, especially shoes.

Items Needed for Carver the Weekenders Costume

  • White t shirt
  • Open buttoned yellow shirt
  • Grey cargo pants
  • Gray sneakers



4) Famous Black Hip Hop Artists Costume Ideas

Nelly Halloween Costume

nelly halloween costume

Nelly was definitely a well known hip hop artist and character back in glorious 2000s.

Nelly brought southern swag mixed with sexiness to hip hop and show that you can be a thug and still play it cool  with the ladies. His signature look was the white band aid on his cheek. And till this day, people still wonder the reason for that band aid. I digress.

To look like Nelly this halloween will be easy since this clothes can be obtained almost anywhere. Check out the items needed to dress up as Nelly below.

Items Needed for Nelly Costume

  • Yellow oversized t shirt
  • White band aid
  • Black oversized jeans
  • Yellow headband
  • Diamond earrings
  • Silver necklace

Cam’ron Halloween Costume

cam'ron halloween costume

Cam'ron was one New York's favourite artist back in 2000s. Teaming up with the Diplomats, he made hits after hit and was well known for the way he dressed.

In a time where homophobia was rampant in the hip hop community, Cam'ron's outfit color of choice was pink. And he wore it proudly. He even had a pink bently.

Cam'ron's halloween costume will definitely be one that will turn heads.

Items Needed for Cam'ron Costume

  • White oversized t shirt
  • Pink fur hat
  • Pink mink coat
  • Gray sneakers


biggie halloween costume

Biggie was a prominent figure in hip hop and made numerous hits we sing even today.

After Biggie signed a record deal and started making a lot of money, his outfits of choice flaunted his riches. Notorious B.I.G's most popular outfit was is colourful cosby sweater. This outfit is well suited for a 90s costume party.

Items Needed for Biggie Costume

  • Cosby Sweater
  • Dark Shades
  • Rope chain
  • A pair of jeans

Eazy E from N.W.A

eazy e halloween costume

Eazy E was a member of N.W.A, a hip hop group whose raps were are about stories about the hardships growing. As the shortest member and also because of his unique rap voice, Eazy E, stood out from the group.  What also made Eazy E unique was how he dressed. He always wore a black raiders cap, and black clothing.

Items Needed for Eazy E costume

  • Afro
  • Black raiders hat
  • Leather gloves
  • Dark shades
  • Black wind breaker
  • A long tee white shirt

Lil Wayne Halloween Costume

lil wayne halloween costume

Lil Wayne, Lil Weezy, Weezy F Baby - whatever you know him by, you will by no means agree that Lil Wayne is arguably one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time.

He has stood the test of time in his hip hop career and has made great music for all of us to enjoy.

Lil Wayne's outfit of choice has changed over the yearsfrom his baggy pants wife beater look from his days with the "Hot Boyz" to the rocker look we see now.

Items Needed for Lil Wayne Halloween Costume

  • 76s hat
  • Dreadlocks
  • Gold watch
  • 76ers short sleeve cardigan

Tupac Halloween Costume

tupac halloween costume

Tupac was a well known figure in the 90s. As a hip hop artist he also had some iconic and controversiable moments in his lifetime.
The picture above is of Tupac spiting on the media after getting mad at street vendors for selling bootleg copies of his music. It is a great costume if you want to look like him for halloween.

Items Needed for Tupac Halloween Costume

  • White t shirt
  • Open buttoned yellow shirt
  • Grey cargo pants
  • Gray sneakers

Run DMC Costume

run dmc halloween costume

Run DMC was well known for elevating the look and feel of hip hop. Remember the song, "My Addidas" - a song about the 3 stripped shoe? Run DMC had everybody wanting a pair of the shoes after that song.

They also introduced a new swag to soceity with their unique way of dressing. Rope chains, bucket hats and leather sport jackets were their style. This outfit is well suited for a 90s costume party. Check out some other 90s hip hop fashion ideas here.

Items Needed for Carver the Weekenders Costume

  • Gold rop chain
  • Black bucket hat
  • Addidas shoes
  • Cazelle glasses
  • Black or blue jeans

Kriss Kross Halloween Costume

halloween costume for black kids

Now I know you may never consider wearing your clothes backwards back Kriss Kross did so unapologetically.

The rap duo started a fad of wearing clothes backwards and it took off. Although you may be uncomfortable doing this, halloween may be the perfect time to do so without fear. This outfit was no doubt one of the best hiphop fashion outfit in the 90s.

Items Needed for Kriss Kross Costume

  • Baggy or oversized black jeans worn backwards.
  • Black belt
  • Oversized gold chain
  • Jordan sneakers
  • Oversized baseball jerseys worn backwards

Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith Halloween Costume

fresh prince jazzy jeff halloween costume black men

Anyone born in the 90s is familiar with the Fresh Prince. The Fresh Prince brought flavor to the 90s with their colorful retro look.

If you are a 90s kid, the Fresh Prince outfit will make a great halloween costume.

Items Needed for Fresh Prince Costume

  • White shirt
  • Colorful fresh prince bomber jacket
  • Faded blue or orange jeans shorts

LL Cool J Halloween Costume

ll cool j halloween costume.  90s outfit

Similar to RUN DMC, LL Cool J brought a unique flavor to the hip hip culture.

He was one of the pioneers of the bucket hat and had a swag fitting for a halloween costume party today. Checkout the LL Cool J halloween costume below.

Items Needed for LL Cool J Costume

  • Fila wind breaker or track suit
  • Gold rope chain
  • Bucket hat
  • Finger rings

EPMD Halloween Costume

epmd costume

 EPMD were the pioneers of the bucket hat. During their music career, EPMD wore bucket hats proudly! Check out EPMD's halloween costume outfit below.

Items Needed for EPMD Costume

  • Bucket hat
  • Oversized chain
  • Red or white t shirt
  • Blue or black jeans

Prince Halloween Costume

prince halloween costume

In the 80s, Prince ruled the music scene with his unique style and sense in fashion. Prince typically wore blouse under shirts and tight boot cut pants for his performances. Check out Prince halloween costume below.

Items Needed for Carver the Weekenders Costume

  • White blouse button shirt
  • Blue short suit jacket
  • Tight blue boot cut pants
  • Jerry curls

Jimi Hendrix

jimmy hendrix halloween costume

Jimmy Hendrix was no doubt a prolific musician back in the days. Like Prince, he typically wore english blouse like shirts, and boot cut pants.

Check out Jimmy Hendrix halloween costume

Items Needed for Jimmy Hendrix Costume

  • Yellow blouse shirt
  • Black boots
  • Black embroidery vest
  • Stripped pants

Michael Jackson

michael jackson costume

Michael Jackson is no doubt the King of Pop and made amazing music in his career.

His most famous and well remembered moment was with the release of Thriller. For this music video, Michael Jackson not only shocked the world with his dance moves, but he also gave the world a taste of what cool fashion looked liked. Check out the items needs to pull of a cool Michael Jackson thriller costume.

Items Needed for Michael Jackson Thriller Halloween Costume

  • Red leather jacket
  • Black t shirt
  • Red jeans
  • White socks
  • Black shoes
  • Jerry curls


5) Famous Black History Leaders Costume Ideas

Malcolm X

malcolm x costume for black men

Malcolm X was a muslim minister and an outspoken leader in the fight for human rights in the 50s and 60s.

What makes Malcolm X appearance unique for a costume are his glasses and his suit. A very recognizable image of Malcolm X is of him looking out his bedroom window with an AK-47. This image came out after he was threatened for his fight for African Americans.

Items Needed for Malcolm X Halloween Costume

  • Black suit with tie and white shirt
  • Reading glasses

Tommie Smith and John Carlos

tommie smith john carlos halloween costume black men

Tommie Smith and John Carlos were American athletes who run for in the Olympics in 1968. After Tommie Smith won gold and John Carlos won bronze in the 200m at the 1968 olympics, both decided to raise their fist on the podium as a protest for the injustice being faced by African Americans.

Their courage to stand up for what they believed in made them a target of hate speech back in the day. Today, they are remember as heros who stop up for what is right.

Items Needed for Malcolm X Halloween Costume

  • 1968 Olympic track suit
  • Black leather gloves
  • Black socks



  • Tommie Smith and John Carlos didn’t just decide to do that in the 68 olympics, it was PETER NORMAN, the silver medalist standing there – who gave them the idea to wear a single pair of gloves (notice ones right hand and the other’s left hand is raised) – he encouraged & stood in support of their show for Human Rights – protest for the injustice on African Americans. ALL 3 OF THEM suffered and were targets of hate speech. But PETER NORMAN, returned to his country (Australia) and was labeled a pariah and black-listed by his country for his support – HE WAS NEVER ALLOWED to participate in the sport/qualify for the Olympics ever again. He died alone, destitute.

    Today, Tommie Smith and John Carlos are remembered as heros while Peter Norman; who stood in solidarity with them – was forgotten.

  • The tether costume from Us would be excellent for twins

  • Disappointed that this list is VERY skewed towards male costumes

  • Great list! Halloween is around the corner so I’m loving the options!!
    Check out my list if you’re interested in costumes for black women :)



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