Hip-Hop Is Not Welcome in Corporate America

hip hop is not welcome in corporate america

Don't you just hate being asked "Hey! Let's play a song from your favourite band!", especially when you are the only black person at your workplace? This happened to me just a weekend ago and it drove me crazy because I had to do a mental scan of the lyrics of every song in my head just to find the perfect neutral song with no N-word! I did manage to find a clean one, My Pad - Rashad, although listening back now I did hear the N-word somewhere in the middle of the song, o well.  This, among many other things, is the struggle of being black in corporate America and unfortunately I am not the only one experiencing this.

"Dear corporate America, the music I choose to listen to, does not in anyway define who I am."

...And rightfully so. Why should I have to feel insecure for listening to something that makes me feel good? In a country that encourages free speech and freedom of expression, why do I still have to selectively share the things I like to do outside of the workplace? O that's right, I forgot you hired me based on my ability to "speak and act like you" and anything short of that would make me uneducated, under-qualified, or incompetent for the job. Well surprise! I am educated, and more than qualified and competent than some of your "top" privileged employees. Yes, I listen to hip-hop and no I won't sag my pants, speak with slang, or shoot up your office. 

Corporate America claims to create a culture of inclusivity but shun everyone that does not mimick the corporate way - a white privileged lifestyle. It's a damn shame!

What’s the biggest thing you’re struggling with right now as a person of color in corporate America? Comment below.

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