Meditation - Honor Yourself Guided by Diddy: An Honest Review

meditation honor yourself guided by diddy

Living a normal life in 2020 has been a challenge for many, especially with the devastating effects of the Coronavirus (COVID19).

People have lost jobs, loved one, and are in a state of constant worry. In addition, stay-at-home, and social distancing orders by the government have made it nearly impossible to interact with the people who bring us joy, laughter, and hope.

With such unrest occurring unexpectedly and quickly, it is understandable that sleep, mental, and physical health have taken a tool and many are now seeking ways to cope.

Luckily, an expected hip-hop mogul has come through with a timely solution. Sean Combs, better known as Diddy (formerly known as P. Diddy or Puff Daddy) recently teamed up with Thrive Global to create a free, yes FREE, 25-minute Audible sessions, intended to guide listeners into a peaceful meditative sleep. It is appropriately titled Meditation: Honor Yourself - Guided by Diddy.

honor yourself guided meditation by Diddy

This 25-minute listening session is intended to help you set a vision for your time and unwind from your day by affirming you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

This is Audibles 10th and most recent installment of a new and free listening series entitled Sleep. This series comes in an effort to "invite relaxation and sleep" in these hard times. The series features other guided meditation session by Nick Jonas, Gaby Bernstein, Jesse Isreal, Sarah Auster, Agapi Stassinopolous, Bram Barouh, Gordon Hempton, Arianna Huffington, and a collection of ASMR sounds by Whisperlodge. In addition to providing this free series, Audible also plans on donating meals daily, through Newark Working Kitchens so those in need and first responders don’t go to bed hungry.

On Tuesday, Diddy announced the release of this gift to us on his Instagram page as he proudly admits, "Listen to me … see I can put you to sleep."

If you are interested in what the audible sounds like, here is a 1 minute snippet of Audible's Meditation: Honor Yourself - Guided by Diddy from Soundcloud:


Audible's Customer Reviews

As at the day of this post, Meditation: Honor Yourself - Guided by Diddy has over 400 five star ratings with a staggering 4.8/5 star overall customer rating, 4.8/5 stars in performance, and 4.8/5 star in story.

The majority of the comments praise the hip-hop mogul's incredible ability to help them relax, remain calm, and sleep with his soothing powerful voice. Many comments also admit to listening to it everyday in order to enjoy it's benefits fully.

honor yourself guided meditation 5 star review

"I’ll admit I downloaded this as a bit of joke, figured it would be good for a giggle. I was happily very wrong. That smooth mellow voice guiding you relax, chill and sleep... just brilliant. Thanks to audible for this, and a huge thanks to Diddy for creating this. Just wonderful."


honor yourself guided meditation 5 star review
"This meditation audible book will change my sleep FOREVER! I am a long time Diddy fan and his voice has always been very calming to me! Can’t wait to send to all of my family and friends! 😊 BadBoy❤️"

honor yourself guided meditation 5 star review
"Looking forward to bedtime in a whole new way!"

honor yourself guided meditation 5 star review
"This was absolutely the best guided meditation."

Out of the 500 ratings, there was only 1 negative comment where the listener gave Diddy 3 stars "for trying". In the listener's words, he said this about his listening experience:

honor yourself guided meditation 3 star review
"I try to meditate everyday, this was one of the worst guided meditations I ever heard! I respect Diddy trying something and I respect getting the masses into meditation so I hope this achieves that because the benefits to it are extraordinarily. Not for me but I like that he tried so gave it 3 stars."

What to Expect from Diddy's Guided Meditation

As an avid listener of guided meditative sleep to help me sleep, there are 3 main things that I look for in a meditation guide in order to make my transition into realm a successful one. These things include background noises, tone of voice and themes explored in the guide. After listening to Diddy's guided meditation, here is my honest take on this experience.

Background Noise

The background noise behind Diddy's voice was a low volume sound wave that played throughout the entire listening session. The sounds wave was cleverly chosen to emit a soothing sense of relaxing which will set the mood for the entire 25-minute meditation.

Personally, I did feel the sound wave was a bit too low in volume which made Diddy's voice seem overpowering and overbearing. Of course this can easily be adjusted by lowering the volume of the guide. But doing so made it hard to hear the soothing sound vibrations which does wonders to my sleep.

The sound wave sets the tone for the meditation while the voice guides the listener through it. If the listener is unable to hear the soothing sounds of the background noise, the overpowering voice can be a distraction from relaxation.

It would have been better to have the background noise match Diddy's voice level in order to create a peaceful soothing balance between voice and background noise.

Tone of Voice

The tone of ones voice is very important in a guided sleep mediation. The tone has to be just right and in sync with the mood the guide is trying to portray in order for it to be effective.

Diddy absolutely killed this! From his many years of making some of our favorite hip-hop hits, Diddy has learned to control and use his voice to portray  and ignite emotions and feelings.

Diddy's voice, as we know it already, is very calm and low toned - the perfect combination for a soothing relaxing meditative guide.

Although his voice sounded overbearing due to the extremely low background noise, it was controlled enough to still give the feeling of a relaxing guided meditation.

Themes Explored in the Guide

A major key to getting the most out of any guided mediation is exploring scenarios and making manifest certain themes that are touched on in the meditation. This meditative guide was very thorough in producing and introducing many themes that greatly benefit mental and spiritual well-being. These themes include relaxation, imagination, approval, gratitude, body scan, and deep breathing.

    • Relaxation
    relax with mediation by diddy
      Relaxation was the main theme of the meditation guide as it is key to a peaceful sleep. Relaxing was felt in a variety of ways - from Diddy's voices to the low background sound vibrations all the way to the many affirmations of relaxing your body.

      I especially liked the  count down, and count up as relaxation cues. These were effective transitions to bring my attention from an overthinking mind to a peaceful, tranquil one.

      Another way relaxation was shown was by setting the scene for your guided mediation. In the beginning of the guide, Diddy took me through how I should position myself in order to be fully immersed into the mediation guide. He paints a very vivid picture of how my body should be positioned, and feel. He also did well to constantly reinforce affirmations of relaxing my body and mind.

      • Deep Breathing
      deep breathing

      Deep Breathing is an essential part of relaxation. Most people suffering from anxiety and an inability to sleep have a very shallow breathe. A shallow breathe is linked to your body's response to provide oxygen to the body as quickly as possible in times of stress. This is not an ideal breathing scenario when it come  getting a good night's rest or relaxation. In order to feel relaxed through breathing, deep breathing must be exercised. This involves breathing into and out through your abdomen, instead of your chest. The duration of the breath is important as well. A relaxing breathe should have a longer exhalation count, than an inhalation count, always.

      Diddy explored deep breathing in his guided meditation by describing how the breathe should be. In the guide, Diddy described that the breathe should be felt in your rib-cage is it expands and relaxes from the breathes. If you have been meditation for a long time as I have, this type of breathing may contradict the method you are accustomed to, which is breathing from the abdomen, rather than the chest.

      Nevertheless, Diddy does well to describe the benefits of slowing down the breathe and explained that the exhale should have a longer count than the inhale. He used a 4 count inhale and a 5 count exhale to promote relaxation of the body and mind. Doing this and breathing through my abdomen, I immediately felt relaxed.

      The use of the 4,5 count for relaxation was used throughout the meditation guide. In some cases, he used a very pretending that the inhalation symbolized positive energy where as exhalation symbolized the negative energy.

      • Imagination

      honor yourself guided meditation by Diddy

        Imagination helps put you in a place you want to be even though it may not be your currently reality. The incredible thing about this is that your mind is not able to differentiate "fake" reality from "real" reality and so the exploration of your imagination could provide limitless realities.

        Diddy used this theory in two ways to enhance relaxation - by feeling and by placing the listener in a relaxing place.

        Diddy made me use my imagination to help me feel relaxed by asking me to concentrate on feeling calm, relaxed, and at peace. The constant reminder of giving no attention to unnecessary thoughts was also a nice touch in helping relax the mind.

        Diddy also explored imaginative relaxation by asking me to picture myself in a place where I felt whole, contempt, happy, and peaceful. For me, this took me to a place where I would find myself laying down on very green grassy park as I watched the cotton ball clouds slowly glide across the clear blue skies. I will admit, this was the part that really got me to feel relaxed and sink deeper into my bed.

        • Approval

        honor yourself guided meditation by Diddy

              In order to relax, you have to give your body and mind permission to do so. Diddy helped me emphasize approval to relax by telling me "you deserve this time to rest" and indeed I did!

              This approval set the tone for me to allow myself to be open to the meditative guide without judgement and immerse myself fully into it.

              • Gratitude
              honor yourself guided meditation by Diddy

              Diddy explored a few gratitude exercises that not only made me thankful to be in this moment of relaxation but also thankful for others around me.

              The gratitude section of the meditation started with Diddy asking me to take the time to think of the people around me that I was grateful for. After doing that, I was asked to send my energy to them by showing them compassion and sending kindness their way.

              For me, this meant thanking my parents, friends, and a few others who continue to have a significant impact in my life. This section of gratitude came to me as a surprise but I am glad it was included because we think so much about ourselves in this day and age that sometimes we miss to take the time to say a simple thank you to others before it is too late. And it really felt good to give thanks to the people around me without even having to making a phone call to do so (even though there is nothing wrong with doing the latter).

              The gratitude session did not stop there. After sending gratitude towards others, Diddy them asked that I now send gratitude towards myself. He also instructed to forgive myself for any mistakes or imperfections that may be clouding my mind. If you are someone who has neglected yourself mentally for a long time, this part will hit hard or even make you feel emotional - which by the way is very okay!

              • Body Scan

              honor yourself guided meditation

              If you are still awake with about 3 minutes left, Diddy takes you through the final theme of the mediative guide which is the body scan exercise. This part of the meditation guide is another way to allow your mind to be present.

              For the body scan, Diddy allowed me to bring my attention to my body - starting from my toes, all the way up to my head. He made me aware of any aches and pains I may be experiencing and guided me to relax those body parts.

              What this did for me was it allowed me to be aware of my body and everything happening to it in that present moment. It put me in control of how I was feeling in that very moment.

              The body scan was a great way to end the mediation guide. And if you still haven't slept yet, there is a purposeful 30 seconds to a minute of just the background vibration sound to slowly ease you into a silent, peaceful sleep.

              Overall, there was a lot of thoughtful information in this meditative guide which I think will provide benefit to many. The background noise, vocal tone, and themes explored in Diddy's meditative guide make it a suitable listen for someone looking to find something to help them get a good night's rest.

              So, Did it Make You Sleep and Will It Do the Same for Me?

              Of course, everyone's sleeping habits and patterns are different.

              Speaking for myself, this meditation guide unfortunately, did not make me sleep. This does not mean it won't make you sleep as well. For me, I can confidently say that it did not accomplish the job of making me sleep because of low volume background noise. As a long time mediator, this is something that I have incorporated into my mediation and sleep pattern and without it, sleep is very hard. Of course, you may have a different experience with this and did many who have already listened to it.

              Even though it did not me sleep, it did help me explore and be aware of many different aspects of my life that I don't think about of even fail to address. This is a benefit that I know everyone will enjoy!


              honor yourself guided meditation review rating

              Overall, I would give this guided meditation a solid 4 stars out of 5. It was well put together and explained cleverly in a way that will help new meditators, curious sleepers, and mellow relaxers to fully get the benefit of the listening session.

              Meditation: Honor Yourself Guide by Diddy is available for free (as at the day of this post) at Audible. While there, don't forget to make your donation to the Newark Working Kitchens to help those in need of a good meal to get a good night's sleep.

              honor yourself guided meditation by Diddy


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