9 Tips on How to Get Thick for Instagram

Thanks to Porsha Williams, Megan Thee Stallion, Lizzo and the power of social media, thick is in and it's her to stay!

Hot girl summer is just around the corner, which means it's time to put in the work to get that body you always wanted. 

Want to know how to gain weight and get thick? Here are 9 safe tips to do so.

(Remember to always consult with your physician before trying any of these tips to gain weight)

1) Eat Late at Night

Late night eating is a sure way to put on extra weight fast.

Eating right before bed give your burn little room to burn calories in the form digestion. As a result food is stored as fat.

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The best meals to eat before bed are high caloric carbohydrate foods such as pasta, rice, bread and potatoes. These meals take approximately 6-8hours to digest. If not fully digested, they are converted into glycogen (a storage form of carbohydrate) and later stored as fat.

2) Workout Less

The equation for gaining weight is simple. Eating more and working out less will result in a weight gain. Eating less and working out more will result in a weight loss.

eat more and workout less

By working out less, you are giving your body the opportunity to store energy as fat and gain weight.

Here are few ways to cut down on your workouts:

  • If you currently workout 5 times a week, consider working out 3 times a week
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend in the gym. Aim for high intensity exercises that raise the heart rate and can be completed in a shorter amount of time.
  • Consider frequent periods of rest time time. Perhaps take a week off after every 2 weeks of consistent training.

This strategy of working out less, coupled with working out with heavy weights, and eating more carbs is known as bulking which I will describe below.



    3) Workout with Heavy Weights

    Working out with heavy weights is a sure way to increase your overall thickness.

    The reason behind it is very scientific. When you workout with heavyweights, you are putting your muscles into shock and tearing more muscle fiber in order to make way for bigger, stronger muscle to grow. This is your body's response to help you lift that heavy weight again in the future.

    Checkout this fitness model by the name Anowa (@anowaadjah). She doesn't not shy away from lifting heavy in order to get a thicker, fuller, lower body:


    In order to get most out of using heavyweights to grow thicker, focus on these key tips:

    • With any weighted exercise, ensure that you are using enough weight to achieve 8-10 reps for 2 sets
    • Don't compromise good form when lifting heavy. Ensure the weight is manageable
    • Ensure you are getting enough calories to compensate for the amount of energy lost when lifting heavy weights

    4) Minimize Cardio, Maximize Sprints

    Lots of cardio and thickness do not mix! In order to maintain a thick body, you have to limit cardio.

    This means no 5K runs or running on the treadmill for more than 5 minutes. Instead, focus on maximum sprints for a short duration of time (10 second sprints).

    Your body will naturally adapt to whatever you tell it to do. If your cardio is involved in long distance running, your body will adapt by foregoing muscle and fat in order to make you lighter so that you can keep up with cardio.

    On the other hand, minimizing cardio and focusing on maximum short burst exercises (such as sprinting) will tell your body to keep and build on muscle for maximum strength to complete such exercises.

    Fitness trainer Kristline (@kristline_) uses sprinting to grow her lower body and her physique says it all!

    Of course, that is not to say do not work on cardio. Cardio is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. However in order to gain weight and maintain a thick body, decrease the amount of time you perform cardio exercises and replace them with resistance exercises instead. This combination will help you back on muscle which can also contribute to your thickness.

    how to be thick

    5) Sleep More

    There is no better way to gain weight and be thick than through sleep. The more you sleep, the less energy is being used by the body to perform any sort of activities.This equates to energy being stored and weight gain.

    Think of animals such as polar bears that eat a lot of food and go into hibernation mode before winter. Their main goal is to gain as much weight as possible by hibernation in order to get them through the winter months.

    gain weight fast with sleep

    You can use a similar technique! Of course you are not going to hibernate for months to come. But you could take a nap after a meal or eat late at night so that you can sleep right away. When you wake up after doing this, you will instantly notice an increase in your weight. This is because when you eat before sleep, your metabolism slows down and allows your body to store food. 

    Take caution of this tip as doing this regularly can cause some serious health problems. It is best to couple this tip with tip #3 (lifting heavy weights) and maintain a workout schedule to prevent being uncontrollably overweight.

    6) Eat More Carbs

    foods for weight gain

    Carbs is short for carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are complex sugars found in many foods. They are broken down to give the body the energy it needs to perform daily activities whether it is vigorous or not. They are high in energy and without them, you might find yourself tired and in some cases, weak.

    Carbohydrates can be found in almost any food but are high in grains such as pasta, bread, and rice.

    When we eat more of these types of foods, any excess is stored by the body as glycogen or fat.

    This is a sure way to add a few extra pounds in a short amount of time.

    how to gain weight fast

    A good way to utilize the full potential of this method is to eating more carbs late at night before bed. This is a sure way to tell your body to store any extra carbs to get you that much closer to your thick body.

    7) Eat Frequently

     Most of us typically eat 3 square meals a day. But did you know some body builders eat anywhere from 5-7 meals a day when they are looking for get big for competitions? It's true!

    The more frequently you eat, the less time your body has to use up your previous meals. Therefore, your body is more likely to store more food when you eat often through the day.

    The safest way to eat frequently is to eat your usual 3 meals per day and add additional meals between or around these 3 meals.

    eat 4-7 meals per day

    For example you may have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But between breakfast and lunch, you may have a snack such as a bowl of salad. And between lunch and dinner, you may have a small meal such as a bowl of chilli or some soup.

    Whatever meals you choose to eat, just make sure that they are in smaller portions in order to leave me room for more meals throughout the day.

    8) Find Your Ass-pirational Look

    The best motivator is to figure our what  or who you ass-pire to look like when your weight gain journey is over.

    Here are a 5 thick girls who are naturally curvy, confident and love the body they are are in.

    Meg Thee Stallion (@theestallion) has shown us that you gotta be a thick chick to be a bad chick.

    Lizzo (@lizzobeeating) showed us that there is nothing wrong with having junk in your trunk.

    Shelah Marie (@theshelahmarie) showed us that you can have curves, curls, and a vibrant conscious.

    Kristline (@kristline_) showed us that you can be darkskin, curvy and still crack necks.

    Tahiry Jose (@therealtahiry) showed us that you can be a thick girl at any age.

    9) Workout Before Meals

    This final tip to get thick is to workout before meals (instead of after). Working out before a meals does two things: 1) it makes you more hungry 2) it quickly restores and stores burned calories from the workout.

    Since you workout before a meal, you will feel a lot more hungry after your workout. This means you will be more likely to eat more after your workout to satisfy that hunger.

    Eating after your workout also means that your body will be more likely to store and restore used up energy from your workout.

    Combining this tip with some of the above tips will be sure to get you the thick body you've been dreaming of in no time!

    Which tip do you plan on using for your weight gain journey to wow your social media audience? Comment below!


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