How To Upgrade Your Wardrobe If You're On A Budget: Top Fashion Tips

tips for upgrading wardrobe on a budget

No matter how much we love our clothes, from time to time, it's always a great idea to update them. But unfortunately, sometimes we do not have enough money to purchase anything our hearts desire.

After all, when you’re dealing with so many expenses on a regular basis, it can be pretty challenging to set aside some cash for these purposes. But just because it’s daunting, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, right?

And to prove to you that I'm right, today I will put together some awesome tips that will tell you what steps need to be taken in order to upgrade your wardrobe without breaking the bank. So let's check them out together!

When Was The Last Time You Checked On Your Closet?

how to buddget for new clothes

Here’s a step that’s one hundred percent effective, yet that doesn’t require any penny. So be honest about this. When was the last time you checked on your closet to see whether it potentially contains some items that you no longer use?

And when I say this, I do not only refer to pieces of clothing, but to bags, purses, and other stuff that may be inside. If it’s been a while, then I think it’s time to roll up your sleeves and do some purging.

This way, you will not only get rid of redundant items, but you will also figure out what you truly need so you can avoid duplicates. Now, I know that a lot of women are afraid of taking this step because they think that they will end up with nothing, but don’t worry.

That’s never going to happen. Keep in mind that the whole point of this is to eliminate the things you no longer want or need, so you can make room for others.

Have You Considered Obtaining Used Items?

When I was younger, the very thought of buying something that's used scared me to death. But that's because I wasn't aware of how beneficial it actually is. Don't forget that just because something is used, it doesn't mean that it's God forbid poor quality. On the contrary, nowadays, you can come across a used designer handbag and clothes that offer top-notch quality and will not blow your budget. After all, why would you spend hundreds of dollars when you can purchase something that's almost as good as new, yet drastically cheaper?

Not only will you be able to save a bunch of cash by doing so, but you will also upgrade your closet with designer items for a fraction of the cost. If you ask me, this is for sure a win-win situation.

Be A Bit Innovative!

Now, if you’ve concluded that what you already own is a bit boring, yet you’re not ready to get rid of it, then it’s time to let your creativity flow. So what do I mean by that? It means that you should focus on styling those pieces of clothing that you no longer find appealing.

If you do not have the slightest idea what you’re supposed to do when it comes to this, then don’t worry! There are a plethora of spectacular online sources where you can easily get inspired.

My personal favorites are definitely Pinterest and Instagram, however, if they are not your cup of tea, then you can always cast your eyes on some of the most popular fashion blogs. At least that’s what I did when I felt uninspired.

If you would like to spice things up a bit, then be bold and make sure to combine things that you’ve never paired before. Why is this such a great idea? Well, that’s because your taste (in terms of fashion) has probably changed in the meantime, which means that things you thought to be unimaginable a few months or years ago, you just might find to be a perfect match!

Another thing that you can do when it comes to this is to consult some of your friends or family members (who are into fashion) to see what they would do with certain pieces of clothing. Who knows, maybe they will think of things you haven’t even considered that just might blow your mind!

Opt For Things That Never Go Out Of Style

how to replace old clothes with new ones.

If there’s one thing a true fashionista would advise you is to always have staple pieces. I mean, yes, I know that most of us sometimes tend to spend money on overpriced items that we will most likely wear only once, but there's no point in doing that.

Instead, it would be much better (and simultaneously frugal) if you invested your money into staple pieces. When I say this, I refer to things like a denim jacket, denim jeans, comfy leggings, a little black dress, and many other things.

Do you get the gist? All of these above-mentioned items are timeless, they simply never go out of style, and more importantly, you can combine them with a variety of different pieces of clothing. Therefore, it's much better to purchase something that you'll wear numerous times and that you can combine with practically anything than to waste too much cash on something that you're going to wear two times at most.

Have You Ever Visited Clothing Trading Events?

I personally haven’t heard of these events up until recently. And since I wasn’t familiar with them, I wanted to know what the “fuss” was about only to realize that these events are actually pretty awesome because out there you can bring the clothes you no longer want to wear and trade them for anything.

These sorts of events are normally organized by communities where people gather in a yard, for instance, with the goal to exchange their clothes. What I generally love about them is the fact that you can usually find a variety of different things in various shapes and styles.

Consequently, if you are interested in something like this, then you should definitely ask around to see if anyone from your area is planning on organizing this event anytime soon. If that’s not the case, then you should do it.

This way, you will not only get the opportunity to spruce up your wardrobe but also hang out with people from your neighborhood.

Place All Your Favorites Into One Pile

No matter how much you love your clothes, the truth is, everyone has their own personal favorites. Therefore, you should take some time to put all of them into one pile. This way, you will determine what you would like to acquire more of.

Now, bear in mind that this pile must contain only two types of pieces and when I say this, I refer to:

  • Pieces of clothing that you wear on a regular basis
  • Pieces of clothing that you generally love to wear, however, you have forgotten that they exist because your closet is simply too cluttered

The next question is, what you shouldn’t put on this pile? As I stated above, this pile is supposed to contain only your favorites, which means that there isn’t unfortunately any room for the things that you will “potentially” wear.

I know that a vast majority of women firmly believe that they absolutely need anything. But if you want to make room for items that you are actually going to wear, then you must forget about those that you wore only once or twice.

Now, if there are some pieces of clothing that you’re unsure of, then just simply try them on with the items that you love to wear to see if they are a great match or not.

Maybe Some Items Need Alterations

clothes alterations

I believe that a lot of us have items that are actually very beautiful but either a bit outdated or neglected. And just because they are, it doesn’t mean that you should throw them away. On the contrary.

The best thing that you can do is to see if a certain alteration is going to change things for the better and make you fall in love with them all over again. Maybe you have pants that are gorgeous, however, you’ve lost some weight in the meantime and now they are too big.

Or maybe you have a lovely, elegant blouse that you haven’t worn in ages that still looks beautiful but could use some modification. No matter what’s the case, alterations are always a good idea because they are here to bring life to the pieces that were accidentally overlooked or forgotten.

Opt For “All-Year-Round” Clothes

I know that seasonal shopping is an exciting thing and something that most of us love doing, however, if you’re currently tight on the budget and you are trying to think of various ways to skimp on costs, then I must inform you that for the time being, you should stay away from seasonal shopping.

But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t supposed to treat yourself to something beautiful. You just have to be practical and opt for clothes that you can wear all throughout the year. When I say this, I refer to things like blazers, something that comes with quarter-sleeve tops, elegant pants, etc.

Don’t Forget To Determine Your Budget And Plan Accordingly

This isn't mandatory if your budget is limitless, however, if that's not the case, then you must do things more thoroughly if you want to avoid breaking the bank. This is especially important if you're frequently going on a shopping spree.

If that’s the case, then it’s pivotal to first determine your budget and plan accordingly, otherwise, you’ll end up being penniless. So for starters, you should set aside the amount of money that you can spend on brand-new pieces of clothing.

Now, if by any chance, you’re addicted to shopping and you could define yourself as someone who can’t say no when shopping, then I would advise you to bring money instead of credit cards, so you can leave the store as soon as you realize you’ve spent all your funds.

Love Me Some Thrift Stores

If you haven't visited thrift stores in the past, then I will tell you right now that you absolutely have no idea what you've missed out on. What I generally adore about them is the fact that they can be found in practically every town.

It doesn’t matter whether they are an ARC, goodwill, or anything else, the point is, out there, you’ll be able to find some of the most spectacular deals. Not to mention that apart from the fact that you’ll save a substantial amount of money if you opt for them, you will also make a great impact on our environment by taking the clothes that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

Now, what I've noticed lately is the fact that there are lots of people who go to these stores and buy whatever comes their way, without realizing that that's a completely wrong approach. The whole point of thrift stores is to purchase items that you actually need and that you'll keep for a longer period of time and not to buy something that you do not even like, only to throw it away in a few days.

By doing so, you will negatively impact our environment. Therefore, if you do not want to do this, then please be sure to purchase only the things that you need and that you really plan on wearing.

Say Bye-Bye To Things That Do Not Make You Feel Good!

wear clothes that make you happy

Even though this last tip is the most logical one, sometimes, all of us need a reminder to get rid of anything that doesn't make us feel beautiful and good in general. And it doesn't matter whether it's something expensive or an item that you received as a gift, if it doesn't make you feel confident and good, then there's no need to keep it in your closet anymore.

If you ask me, upgrading your wardrobe is always a great idea because it allows you to in a way reinvent yourself. So if you share my opinion and you’re ready to embark on this journey, then be sure to follow all these steps above.

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