20 Best #DontRush Challenge Videos on Instagram (and TikTok)

dont rush dontrush challenge videos 

There is a viral challenge taking over TikTok and Instagram kings and queens and it is giving a whole new meaning to the word "slay"!

That's right - we are talking about the #DontRush Challenge, made popular with the smash hit "Don't Rush" by Young T and Bugsey’s.

Many creators have dubbed this challenge "from bummy to baddie" or "ashy to classy" based on a simple concept: how fast can you go from looking like you just got out of bed to looking like you are about to give Beyonce a run for her money on the red carpet (not sure if this is even possible but I'm sure you get the point)!

The challenge starts with a person (male or female) in a shower cab, bathrobe, no make up - basically looking like a hot mess. With Don't Rush playing in the background, the person then waves an object (could be a make up brush, a comb, a hair brush) in front of the camera. When he/she removes the object, the person is now magically and glamorously transformed into their drop dead gorgeous self. We are talking about make up, hair clothes, shoes and everything else on fleek! But wait, it doesn't stop there! After the first transformation, the person then tosses their object to the next person to repeat the process. The suspense of transformations can be quite addictive to watch!

Among all the social media challenges, this is by far my favorite challenge as it has shed a positive light on social distancing and stay home orders due to the coronavirus. It is a gentle reminder that even though we are probably in our PJ's day in and day out, we definitely have not forgotten what it means to slay!

With the full-on glam sessions and fashion shows, there couldn't have been a better challenge to brighten up this time.

This is why we have picked 20 of the best #DontRushChallenge videos for your enjoyment.


These african ladies shows off their true beauty by transforming into their beautiful Ankara outfits from All Things Ankara and Nikki Billie Jean. It features:@ronkeraji @kiitana @chiziduru @shalomblac @nneunfiltered @tolaniav @fayyebae @ugwem @nnennab @the_real_chi.

The caption on @ronkeraji's post was fitting: "You don't rush perfection".

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"The Mommy Bloggers have entered the CHAT!" This edition of the #dontrush challenge featured mom bloggers.
@luchi_loyale @naijagoddess @enkay1010 @disabster @beautybyttee @bibianayetty @ebonielemae
showed the world that you could still slay with a baby in one had and make up brush in the other!


 Let's not forget the black men! O not just black men - Black Men who are physcians! Yes @bostonmadetr3 @_marcusdotcom @odogwu.dds @nn_fit @deechief @dr.ifedi @wusage_livinnlovin showed us that black men can be physician by day and zaddies by night! Check out their #dontrushchallenge.


Famous comedian Dami Olatunde (@aphricanace) put his own twist on the #dontrushchallenge by featuring his baby as well as other father and son duos. He calls it the #FatherhoodChallenge. It starts off with him holder a toy baby which then transforms into a real baby! It features his friends With my bros @dhattboy @_mrstatistics @jidensky @jiggzytos. This was a great way to shed light on black fatherhood!


The curvy edition of the #dontrushchallenge features famous plus size model Nao! It featured so many curvy women that she turned the #dontrushchallenge into the Shake the Room challenge! The best thing about this challenge is that you can use any song. This challenge features @flawsofcouture
@imanijahaan @itsdanidmc @ravey_baby
@simonemariposa @na0__@miatheboss @darkskindchk @jaybraun @gabifresh

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Oma and her friends showed the world that black women are just as qualified to be physician as men in their Don't Rush Challenge. Here captions reads: "Now you know we had to clock out real quick and join the “quarantine party”. Your Physician Could Never!" Indeed we want all the physician putting their lifes on the line in these hard times but hey they gotta have fun too! Checkout the challenge which features other black female doctors:


 Natural hair enthusiast and brand ambassador Kimberly White (@officiallykimwhite) joined in on the challege with her crew! Her caption reads: "Had to have some fun during this crazy time and jump on the #DontRushChallenge 💁🏾‍♀️
Quarantine tings with:
I hope everyone is doing fine and staying sane throughout this time"

The post features a variety of stunning black women!


Tiouba put a spin on the #dontrushchallenge by calling out all men with the #nobroleftbehindchallenge! This challenge features black men using their brushes to transform themselves into well-dressed dapper black men. It is starring: @tparris_. @ijaysanchez @sundayobam
@kashnflights @mrceogfc @mrgilly87

Tiobua's captions read: "Don’t let social distancing mean isolation". A fitting message in these hard times.


These ladies took on the challenge with the theme of hairstyles! Helena and her friends featured awesome black hairstyles including braids, twists, curls, afros, and more! The video features 1. @helena.koudou BROOKLYN
2. @lushbraidsbyb PARIS
3. @mshairandhumor BROOKLYN
4. @lenajaye_ LA
5. @gotothemo CHICAGO
6. @chiefchinna NY
7. @naturalhollywood BROOKLYN
8. @africancreature NY

This is the #dontrushchallenge hairstyle edition.


 Ghanaian fashion and beauty influencer, Nana, joined in on the challenge with her Ghanaian friends! Her captions reads:⁣ "We had to save the best for last! Even though we are all home we found a way to connect with other Ghanaian fashion and beauty influencers across the globe!". Check out these Ghanaian beauties in this #dontrushchallenge.


Natural hair influencer Whitney White joined in on the action "with her favorite mamas". Here challenge features:
@brosiaaa @charmsie @beautybylee @stylesbyfash @theprinceandthep @ceresiasworld.
The women in the video slayed with beautiful outfits and amazing hairstyles. This video will make you says "Black is Beautiful!". Check out their video!




Kia Wilson's challenge was unique and well done in shedding light to a profession many may not have heard of - Physician Assstants.

I'll let her explain who they are and what they do: "PAs are medical professionals who diagnose illness, develop and manage treatment plans, prescribe medications, and often serve as a patient’s principal healthcare provider. With thousands of hours of medical training, PAs are versatile and collaborative. PAs practice in every state and in every medical setting and specialty, improving healthcare access and quality. According to NCCPA 68.8% of PAs are women. 3.6% of PAs are African-American and just 0.4% are Native American. Both of which I identify as. And even more staggering, is that only 0.4% of PAs work in Gynecology. A field I am very passionate about. But hey, #dontrush we are gonna make this happen! I do this for the underrepresented. My people. My community."

This is why i love this challenge! It has been a way for people to get to know people who may have been overlooked.

Kia shares the challenge with her fellow PAs: @jillianbarker @marlamorillo09 @hydroxxyl @sparkles_and_scalpels_ @gabby_lagemann.

Your work is much appreciated queens!


Let's not forget our awesome nurses! Alice and her friends showed the world that nurse can work 12 hours shifts and still have time to slay! Check out their #dontrushchallenge.


The coronavirus has affected many small businesses but Gracie and her friends will not let it defeat them. Her caption reads: "Women Owned Small Businesses are really taking a hit during this time. But we find so much joy in each other. Don’t forget to #StayHome stay safe and support your nail bae daily"

Their #dontrush challenge features small women owned nail shops! Check them out! It features: @theeditorialnail @marsha_marsha_nails @graffitinailbar @nailditbyalyssa @donna_cao @themani_camper


 This is the #dontrush challenge Entrepreneur Edition! It feature women entrepreneur in NYC who can work the books and slay for the gram! "Some of NYC’s finest service providers and product sellers all in one video". Check them out!


Don't sleep on the teachers! The #dontrush teachers edition features: @teacherbaebree

These teachers prove you can mix brains ith beauty. Their #dontrush challenge uses a book to transform them in to stunning and elegant women,


Just when you thought people had run out of ideas, Temitope and her friends start the #dontrush couple edition! Each transformation features a child and two black parents - something we all love seeing! Temi's caption reads: "Family Edition. You guys know I’m big on family so I just had to join my girls in doing a family Edition". This video features other families including: Ah I had so much fun bringing this to life with my girls @lola.akw @sopharush @tolaniav @daynabolden.


 So fat we've seen the #dontrush challenge with either all females or all males! These guys show that both men and woman can look good in the same video with the co-ed #dontrushchallenge! This one features: feat. @kelvincentgh @_Lharley_ @hamidvijay @3hizogie @ericaemefa @stylernest @fafa_fafa1 @official_kwasi @_evonne_.


 These content creators slay the gram with their version of the #dontrush challenge! It features:
@meriahjohn ⁣⁣


 Last but not least, famous beauty influencer Alonzo Arnold takes a crack at the #dontrush challenge and really puts meaning to the phrase #dontrush! You just have to see it to believe it!

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