15 Things to Bring to a Black Lives Matter Protest

things to bring to black lives matter protest. breonna taylor protest

The Black Lives Matter movement has been a strong advocate for the lives of those that have faced injustice at the hands of the police.

Starting in 2013, the movement has organized many peaceful protests and demonstrations for innocent African American's who have been killed by police.

From Travon Martin to George Floyd and many in between, peaceful protests organized by the Black Lives Matter movement has opened the eyes of many to see the injustice faced and targeted towards African Americans.

A lot of thought and preparation goes into the organization of these protest to ensure the safety of protestors and to make sure that the right message is conveyed to the public.

If you are looking to take part in a protest near you, here are 15 things to consider bringing with you as you make a difference in the world.

1) A Loud Voice

black lives matter protest chants. black lives matter shirts
Call: "NO JUSTICE. Response: "NO PEACE".
Call​: "BLACK LIVES". Response: "MATTER"

These are a few of the chants you will hear at a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest. When attending a peace Black Lives Matter protest, bring your loudest outdoor voice to chant the response to the various calls you will hear at a Black Lives Matter Protest.

2) Pro-Black T Shirt

black lives matter shirts. black lives matter protest near me

A Black Lives Matter protest is not complete without the appropriate attire to voice your support for black lives. Here are 5 pro-black shirts from My Black Clothing (a black owned clothing store) that will help you show your support for black lives and all their glory!

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3) Milk Jugs

milk jugs at breonna taylor black lives matter protest

No this is not to make a bowl of cereal. A milk jug filled with milk can be a life saving item at a peaceful Black Lives Matter even.

Even though these events are meant to be peaceful, they may not always end up being peaceful. Riots may erupt from peaceful protests and in such a case, police may be called to disarm the violence. In doing so, they may deploy tear gas and pepper spray at rioters in order to control the crowd. The best way to ease the pain of the pepper spray or tear gas is with the use of milk.

Milk has a protein which causes relief for spicy properties and can act as an effective relief for tear gas or pepper spray in your eyes. Don't forget to share your jug with other protestors.

4) Closed Toe Comfortable Shoes

what to wear to black lives matter protest

Black Lives Matter protests involves walking miles across neighborhoods and amplifying chants that empower people. As such, consider comfortable closed toe shoes.

Also, you cannot ignore the fact that any protest may go left with rioting or some sort of violence. This may result in things being throw and sharp objects landing on the ground. Closed toe shoes can definitely save your life in moments like this.

5) Face Mask

do i need face mask at black lives matter protest? breonna taylor protest

The pandemic should not stop anyone from voicing their opinion and truth when it comes to social injustice and inequality. And thankfully it hasn't.

After the murder of George Floyd, many, most with face masks, flooded the street during the peak of the pandemic to demand justice for the 46 year old man.

We have been warned of limiting ourselves from large gatherings to stop the spread of the virus so it is very important to wear a face mask in these settings. In such a large gathering, a face mask can do well to prevent the transmission of the virus from person to person effectively.

6) Cardboard Signs

black lives matter sign ideas

The unofficial official image to identify any protest is of a group of people holding up a cardboard sign with a phrase voicing what they demand for that particular protest.

Big or small (but preferably big), any cardboard will do as long as people can see and vividly read the message on the cardboard.

Most people write their message with a a black sharpie or marker but there is not limit to how simple or creative your cardboard message should be.

The key here is that with such a huge crowd, holding up a cardboard sign with a message is great way to deliver your message to a lot of people without saying a word.

7) First Aid Kit

black lives matter protest

Black Lives Matter protests are all peaceful but you should not rule out the possibility of a riot.

In the protest for  George Floyd, many riots errupted during a peaceful protest and many lives were hurt/injured.

A first aid kit will be extremely handy in times like this to manage and care for any wounds.

8) Sun Protection - Sunscreen/Hat/Glasses

black lvies matter protest what to bring. justice for breonna taylor

If you attend a Black Lives Matter protest, chances are that you will be outdoors for long periods of time. Whether you are black or white, sun protection will come in handy especially if it is extremely hot outside.

Consider bringing sunscreen, a hat, and shades to a Black Lives Matter protest. These will come in handy in prevently heat exhaustion and protection from the sun.

9) Personal Health Items - epis, blood sugar monitors

what to expect at black lives matter protest. black owned t shirt clothing store.

 Attending a Black Lives Matter or any protest for that matter, could be a traumatic event for some. Protests can trigger high levels of stress as you deal with the environment around you and the emotions associated with the protest.

If you have underlying health conditions that may be triggered by stress, it is important to bring your personal health items to a Black Lives Matter protest in order to mitigate these health conditions. These may include Epi-Pens, blood sugar monitors, etc.

10) Megaphone

megaphone for protests. black lives matter protests. justice for breonna taylor. black owned companies. black owned clothing companies

A megaphone is a great tool to help amplify your voice at a protest without screaming or yelling. It is also worth noting that it will greatly help you keep your voice after a protest.

As previously mentioned, you can bring a loud voice to a protest to voice your opinion and chants so that everyone can hear. The drawback about using a loud voice is that it can cause you to lose your voice.

With a megaphone, you can project your voice to as many people as possible without the worry of losing your voice.

11) Fully Charged Cellphone with Memory

black lives matter protest

Being at a Black Lives Matter protest is a moment you want to cherish for years to come and a fully charged cellphone will help you do that.

It is pretty obvious in this day and age what a cellphone can do. Who needs you may even capture a viral moment at the protest. The use of the cellphone is ideal in televising the movement via social media, to millions who may not be available to attend the protest.

Just make sure your phone also has enough memory to store these viral moments.

12) Snacks

 After protesting for hours, you will get the munchies, trust me, you are still human. It will not hurt to bring a few snacks at a Black Lives Matter Protest to munch on.

This will give you the needed fuel to keep moving with the rest of the group if you find yourself tired and lacking energy.

Try to bring something light like fruits, chips, or a lean sandwich. Anything heavy and greasy will make you feel tired and sleepy after a few minutes of walking.

13) Lots of Water

 After walking for long hours and chanting your views during the protest, expect to be thirsty. Water will come in handy to cool you down, quench your thirst and keep you hydrated.

14) Backpack

black lives matter  breonna taylor protest

Backpacks will be an essential tool at a Black Lives Matter protest as it will carry all of your necessary items.

It is recommended to back light to prevent exhausting from carrying the backs all day.

15) Writing tools

black lives matter petitiion

Don't be surprised is someone asks you to sign a petition at these protest. Black Lives Matter protests are a call for a change therefore is should be of no shock when asked to sign a petition for something. In such a case a writing tool will very well come in handy.


A Black Lives Matter protest is a great way to voice your opinion about inequality and also to become a part of change. In order to get the full benefit of this important event, preparation is key. To recap, here are the 15 things to bring to a Black Lives Matter protest:

  •  A Loud Voice
  • Pro-Black T Shirt
  • Milk Jugs
  • Closed Toe Comfortable Shoes
  • Face Mask
  • Cardboard Signs
  • First Aid Kit
  • Sun Protection - Sunscreen/Hat/Glasses
  • Personal Health Items - epis, blood sugar monitors
  • Megaphone
  • Fully Charged Cellphone with Memory
  • Snacks
  • Lots of Water
  • Backpack
  • Writing tools


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